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June 13, 2019

Word from the President | Spring 2019 Legislative Session Produces Big Wins, Several Disappointments Treating Eating Disorders in Primary Care: An Integrated Approach Protecting Our Pediatric Patients from Gun Violence Sun Protection in Pediatric Patients: The Conversation Starts with You! Why I Became a #WaterWatchDog Pediatrics Selective Offers First-Year Students Overview  Member Profile: Lindsey Yock, […]

Legislators, like students cramming for a big test or project, often work best under the pressure of deadlines. That was the case this legislative session, too, as it took an old-fashioned “all-nighter” for legislators to complete the work of the 2019 legislative session. Legislators, called back to the Capitol for a special session by Governor […]

The MNAAP fosters an interest in pediatrics in upcoming medical students through grant funding for special projects within Pediatric Interest Groups at medical schools in Minnesota. Kylie Andersen, with the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Pediatric Interest Group, offered this overview of the group’s most recent project using MNAAP grant funding, the Pediatrics Selective. The […]

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