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2021 MNAAP/MAPF Board of Directors Election

June 21, 2021

A message from Chapter President Sheldon Berkowitz, MD, FAAP:

This year our chapter has seen a huge level of interest in serving on our board of directors as evidenced by the very large number of candidates that either self-nominated or were nominated by others. Our executive committee has taken this as a sign that we are on the right track and our chapter members value the work our chapter and board are doing.

When we put out the call for nominees to the board, we didn’t attach any guidelines as to who or what we were looking for – despite the fact that we have always had a goal to include pediatricians from around the state and not just from the Twin Cities Metro area. To help accomplish this goal, this year we have divided our candidates into those working in the Twin Cities Metro Area and those outside of that. Although some of our nominated candidates have elected not to run, we still have one non-metro candidate which we are thrilled about. We would therefore ask you to vote for one candidate from the non-metro group and two from the metro group.

In addition, our executive committee also realized that in hindsight, we should have been more explicit in encouraging candidates who can help us increase the racial and cultural diversity of our board. It is important that we not only have many perspectives contributing to our board, but also that we reflect the patient populations we serve. As we have been told by many, if we want to see more pediatricians who are Black, Indigenous or Persons of Color (BIPOC) be involved with our chapter, we need to make sure there are more BIPOC pediatricians on our board.

To help accomplish this goal, we have asked each of our board candidates to include in their cover statement what aspect of their identity is important to them and they would like others to know, and also how they see themselves being able to help our board become more diverse and move our chapter’s anti-racism and equity work forward. For two candidates, after considering our additional request, they decided to withdraw their names from the election as they didn’t believe that in fact, their possible election would lead to an increased racial and cultural diversity of our board. This is a very strong statement that they made about the future of our board and chapter. In the future, we plan to be more explicit in our call for board candidates as to what we are looking for in candidates to join us on the board.

Please take all of these thoughts under consideration as you vote for our three open board seats. I should also mention that our revised Bylaws include a new officer position for which we have one candidate who also needs to be voted on by the chapter.

Thank you in advance for voting for our open board seats and our secretary position.

Please vote by June 30, 2021. Click here to vote. 

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