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Anti-Racism Task Force Reports Recommendations to Board of Directors

March 23, 2021

As part of a special meeting held Thursday, March 18, the MNAAP anti-racism task force co-chairs shared the group’s recommendations to the board of directors and asked that by June 1, the board report back which recommendations they can implement through one or more action steps within a given timeframe of six months, one year and 18 months.

The group’s report to the board included recommendations for:

  • Chapter Diversity and Inclusion
  • Chapter Member Education
  • Improved Clinical Practice
  • Child and Community Health
  • Child Health Institutions and Organizations
  • Academic and Training Programs

See the anti-racism agenda infographic here.

The Board of Directors voted and approved work that will begin in six areas, to be conducted over the next six months:

  • The chapter will conduct an internal review of chapter policies to ensure they promote anti-racism.
  • If the internal review identifies examples of past racist policies, the chapter will publicly recognize these and plan for reconciliation.
  • The chapter will identify a Diversity Chapter Champion, who will work closely with the AAP Diversity District Champion.
  • The chapter will update a resource webpage for the anti-racism work that is easily navigated and available to all child healthcare workers.
  • The chapter will advocate that the local Reach Out and Read program offers books that promote anti-racism and diversity.
  • The chapter will actively seek ways to promote anti-racism legislation.

As this work progresses, updates will be shared through future All Member Emails.

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