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Day at the Capitol – March 6

2018 Pediatricians' Day at the Capitol

Pediatricians’ Day at the Capitol

Join us Wednesday, March 6, 2019!  Register now! 

Each year MNAAP brings together more than 100 residents, community pediatricians and medical students to discuss and advocate for issues that have a direct impact on the health of Minnesota children. Ensuring access to care is among MNAAP’s top priorities for 2019.

Following a brief primer on the chapter’s positions, we’ll hear from our state lobbyist and key legislators about specific child health issues being debated. You’ll have the opportunity to weigh in and discuss priority issues with your own legislators as well.


1:00 p.m.  Welcome and overview of key issues; group discussion with legislative leaders

2:30 p.m.  Individual meetings with legislators (MNAAP will coordinate 1-2 brief meetings on your behalf; meetings typically last 5-10 minutes)

4:00 p.m.  Appetizers and debrief at a local establishment (optional)

Last year nearly 150 pediatricians and trainees gathered at the Capitol to advocate for stronger immunization laws, funding for behavioral health training and access, and other key issues. 

The group was greeted with a warm welcome by Senator Matt Klein, MD (DFL-West Saint Paul/Mendota Heights) and Representative Ilhan Omar (DFL-Minneapolis).

“I’m glad to have pediatricians advocating at the Capitol,” Senator Klein said. “It’s very effective.”

Representative Omar thanked Minnesota’s pediatric community for its response to the measles epidemic and noted that more resources are needed for outreach and prevention. “It was fascinating to see how many of you were saddled up for that fight, ready to give out proper information for all of us to be equipped with the tools to help all of our communities…” she said.

After reviewing and discussing the chapter’s priority issues, attendees branched out to meet with their individual legislators. All together, they met with 45 representatives and 32 senators to discuss child health issues.

At the end of the afternoon, many gathered to debrief at a nearby establishment and were joined Senator Gregory Clausen (DFL-Apple Valley), co-author of a bill that would provide funding for the University of Minnesota to develop a clinical behavioral health training program for pediatric residents.

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