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We are dedicated to improving the health of infants, children and adolescents in Minnesota.

During November, 2016, 100 percent of all donations collected will go toward developing Minnesota's future pediatric workforce. All funds will support pediatric interest groups at the U of M and Mayo Clinic as well as pediatric resident projects and education.

The mission of the Minnesota Academy of Pediatrics Foundation is to protect and improve the health of all Minnesota children and teens. By partnering with pediatricians, state officials, and national and community-based organizations, the Minnesota Academy of Pediatrics Foundation has developed many model programs that address key health or care delivery issues that have been shared both nationally and internationally.

Current foundation projects include:
  • Improving immunization rates by streamlining EHR interface with MN MIIC system and highlighting importance of HPV vaccine through strong provider recommendations at over 20 Minnesota clinics
  • Addressing barriers to identifying, referring and preventing cases of child abuse/neglect among Minnesota clinics and hospitals
  • Promoting widespread use of childhood screening tools (developmental, autism, social/emotional, maternal depression, etc.) among all pediatric primary care clinics
  • Integrating behavioral health and pediatric primary care at six pilot Minnesota clinics
  • Supporting telemedicine and social media pilots to improve communication and continuity of care at several Minnesota clinics
  • Funding efforts to screen for food insecurity and referral to food assistance programs at metro area clinics
  • Collaborating with metro and greater Minnesota hospitals and clinics to promote common patient safety educational materials
  • Financial support for medical student skills and  educational events for pediatric interest groups and pediatric residents

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NOTE: You can also donate by check (so MNAAP avoids processing charges) by mailing to: Minnesota Academy of Pediatrics, 1043 Grand Ave. #544, St. Paul, MN 55105