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Legislative Summary: 5/7/18

May 7, 2018

This is a summary only. To receive full legislative updates on a biweekly basis, you must be a member of MNAAP. The emails provide additional details about legislative issues that are not posted on our website and are for members only.

  • With few bills having been passed and major pieces yet to be sent to the Governor, legislators have spent long hours working to process bills related to taxes, some new spending, and a bonding proposal. The session is set to conclude no later than May 21. The end-of-session frenzy of legislating is often when negative amendments to larger bills are offered. The MNAAP will be closely monitoring action for possible threats to child health, including negative amendments related to vaccines, safe sleep, fireworks, and other issues. The Chapter continues to advocate for investments in pediatric mental health, early brain development, and health equity.
  • A number of bills to offer consumer protections related to pharmaceuticals continue to make steady progress. Bills to enhance a physician’s authority to override step therapy requirements recently cleared the Senate on a unanimous vote, as did a bill to bar health plans and PBMs from prohibiting pharmacists from sharing with patients that paying cash for a prescription may mean a lower price than using their insurance benefits.
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