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Legislative Summary Update: 1/24/17

January 24, 2017

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  • Competing proposals to offer relief to Minnesotans facing steep increases in health care premiums passed both the House and Senate in recent days.  Given differences between the bills, a conference committee of members of both bodies will negotiate a single bill.  It’s expected that Dayton Administration officials will be closely involved in the negotiations, too.
  • The still-young 2017 legislative session has already seen more than 600 bills introduced, though very few have yet to be considered in committee.   Proposals introduced already include a “bathroom bill” similar to that passed in North Carolina that would bar transgender students from school bathrooms and locker rooms.  Other recently introduced bills include bills to strengthen Minnesota’s immunization law, better understand the impact of legislation on racial disparities, and study and invest in the physician & other health care professionals’ workforce.
  • Make plans to join pediatricians and pediatricians-in-training for the annual Pediatricians Day at the Capitol. A day of education, advocacy, and fellowship, the event is set for March 21. Registration and additional information can be found here.
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