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Letter Points to Climate Change as a Health Emergency

October 6, 2020

An open letter drafted by Climate Health Now and several other organizations is being circulated to offer physicians and other medical professionals the opportunity to support climate protection measures.

The letter is non-partisan and does not support particular candidates. In the body of the letter, it states, “We need leaders to protect our health and our climate by:

  1. Prioritizing your health and the health of future generations over the profits of the fossil fuel industry.
  2. Listening to health experts, climate scientists, and members of communities already most impacted by climate change and using their knowledge to protect our communities.
  3. Solving our climate crisis with policies that speed up the transition to a clean energy economy and create millions of family-supporting jobs in the process.”

The groups aim to collect at least 11,000 signatures by October 4, and intend to share the letter with the media. To view the letter, use the link provided in the October 2 All Member Email.

Special thanks to MNAAP’s Climate Change Champion Lisa Cinar, MD, who shared this information.

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