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What's Going On At MNAAP

Parents Urged to Contact Pediatric Providers to Discuss Options for Vaccines and Other Care During Pandemic

The American Academy of Pediatrics is reporting that many Minnesota children are not seeing their pediatricians right now out of […]

Racism and Violence Undermine Children’s Safety

Children haven’t made the headlines in recent days, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been impacted by what they have […]

Legislative Summary: May 25, 2020

The end of the 2020 session arrived with both a flurry of activity as well as an expectation that legislators […]

March 2020 Minnesota Pediatrician

March 2020 Minnesota Pediatrician  Word from the President Pro-Immunization Rally Opens Session Network Promotes Positive Approach to Challenging Behaviors Filling […]

Member Profile: Lisa Cinar, MD, FAAP

Dr. Lisa Cinar serves on the  Board of Directors, acting as MNAAP’s chapter climate advocate. She has been an AAP […]

Pediatric Gender and Sexual Health

Friday, May 22, 12:15 – 1 p.m. | Register here

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