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Senior Pediatricians Connect at December Lunch

January 5, 2020

When an engaging group of MNAAP senior pediatricians gathered together at The Wedge Table in Minneapolis on Dec. 5, the conversation spanned everything from ways to stay connected and give back, to using social media, to memories of their experiences treating vaccine-preventable diseases.

The MNAAP senior pediatricians’ group was recently revived after a brief lapse in regular meetings. (Pictured from left to right) Gathered in December were (front row) Bea Murray, Karen Olness, Tom Scott, Paula Kelly, Linda Thompson (back row) Carolyn Levitt, Roger Sheldon, Ted Jewett, Mark Nupen, Kris Benson.

The attendees are all retired, and many continue to stay connected with medicine and child advocacy efforts. One member mused that pediatricians currently in practice should consider “what’s next” for them before they retire. “Pick a path before retirement!”

Hoping to gather some pearls of wisdom about the importance of immunizations, the group was asked to think back to their years in practice before vaccines prevented many of life-threatening childhood diseases.

The differences they described underscore the importance of strengthening childhood vaccination laws in Minnesota.

The group plans to meet again in early March. If you are a senior pediatrician interested in joining, email

Memories of treating vaccine-preventable diseases…

“You used to see chicken pox on a daily basis. But now, you show that to a resident and they might have no idea.”

“We were trained to treat all these diseases doing spinal taps, and then [with immunizations] poof, all of them were gone! That’s what most of your hospitalizations were for. They were gone, literally.”

“We used to have three to five cases of meningitis in the ER out in Denver. I mean it was just horrible. And I remember my first medical school rotation, there was this little kid with H flu meningitis. The parents had left on Halloween night to trick or treat with their other kids, and came back, and that baby was seizing. I remember that like it was yesterday.”


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