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MNAAP Annual Awards

Congratulations to our 2023 MNAAP Annual Award Recipients:

Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd (Eric Dick Advocacy Award recipient) and Dr. Edward Kaplan (honored posthumously with the Distinguished Service Award, which was received by his wife, Mrs. Irene Kaplan).

(Pictured here receiving the awards from MNAAP President Dr. Eileen Crespo at the MNAAP Annual Meeting on Sept. 21, 2023.)

MNAAP recognizes annually those who are leading or involved in significant efforts to protect the health of Minnesota’s children. Award winners are recognized at MNAAP’s annual meeting.

Distinguished Service Award

Each year MNAAP recognizes a pediatrician for their outstanding efforts that contribute to the improvement of child health care. This is really the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for the pediatrician who has dedicated their life to improving care for children throughout the state of Minnesota.

Eric Dick Advocacy Award

MNAAP chooses an individual from the community who goes above and beyond their everyday routine to advocate for the health and welfare of children in Minnesota. This annual award was renamed in 2021 to honor of the chapter’s late lobbyist, Eric Dick, who passed away in January of that year. Eric was a tireless advocate for Minnesota’s infants, children, and teens.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Year Distinguished Service Award Winner
2023 Edward Kaplan, MD, FAAP (posthumously)
2022 Lori DeFrance, MD, FAAP
2021 Dawn Martin, MD, FAAP
2020 Marjorie Hogan, MD, FAAP
2019 Elsa Keeler, MD, MPH, FAAP
2018 Linda Thompson, MD
2017 Lydia Caros, MD
2016 Marilyn Peitso, MD
2015 Chuck Oberg, MD, FAAP
2014 Daniel Broughton, MD, FAAP
2013 Thomas Scott, MD, FAAP
2012 Michael Severson, MD, FAAP
2011 Edmund Burke, MD
2010 Blanton Bessinger, MD, MBA
2009 Ted Thompson, M.D.
2008 Amos Deinard, MD, MPH
2007 Michael A. Bronson, MD
2006 Gerald Gilchrist, MD
2005 Richard Raile, MD
2004 James H. Moller, MD
2003 Henry Staub, MD,FAAP
2002 James Moore, MD, FAAP
2001 G. Scott Giebink, MD, FAAP
2000 Lowell Barr, MD, FAAP
1999 Gunnar Stickler, MD, PhD
1998 Jack Harkness, MD
1997 Russ Lucas, MD and Mildred Norvall, MD
1996 James Moller, MD
1995 Arnold S. Anderson
1994 Henry Staub, MD
1993 Paul Quie, MD
1992 Betty Jerome, MD- first award

Eric Dick Advocacy Award Winners

Year Eric Dick Advocacy Award Winner
2023 Angela Kade Goepferd, MD, FAAP
2022 Kris Ehresmann and Rep. Dave Pinto
2021 Emily Borman-Shoap, MD, FAAP and Karen Ernst
2020 Tom Scott. MD, FAAP
2019 Rep. Mike Freiberg
2017 Anne Edwards, MD
2016 Carolyn Allshouse and Lynne Burke
2015 Art Rolnick, PhD
2013 Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand, LLP
2012 Edward Ehlinger, MD, MSPH
2011 Glenace Edwall, PhD, PsyD, LP, MPP
2010 John Hurley, MHA
2009 Brynn Duncan and Family
2008 Minneapolis Crisis Nursery
2007 Paula Goldberg, Marge Goldberg
2006 Marianne Keuhn
2005 Charles Oberg, MD
2004 Sen. Becky Lourey
2003 Forrest Blanton Bessinger, MD,FAAP
2002 James Koppel
2001 Daniel Broughton, MD, FAAP
2000 Senator Pat Piper
1999 Susan Carlson
1998 Peggy Spector
1995 Patty Wetterling & Clark Hassey
1994 Mary Azzahir


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