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Future of MinnesotaCare Depends on CHIP Reauthorization

It's been weeks since Congress missed the deadline to reauthorize funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). In both the House and Senate, CHIP refunding bills continue to crawl through committees, putting the health care of 9 million children at risk.


In Minnesota, CHIP is known as Minnesota Care and provides coverage for those who don't qualify for Medicaid but can't afford or obtain private insurance. 


Minnesota stands to lose a substantial amount of federal federal funding the longer reauthorization is delayed, putting a significant strain on the state's general fund. Absent CHIP funding, pregnant women are at risk of losing program coverage all together. 


AAP designated two days of action for pediatricians to tell Congress to extend CHIP. Thousands of members tweeted or re-tweeted key messages using #ExtendCHIP and #CHIPworks


MNAAP and AAP will continue to monitor developments and communicate updates as they become available. 

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Making the Most of MNAAP Membership

Have you ever wondered what MNAAP can do you for you, individually? Ever doubted whether being involved in a professional group really makes a difference? Watch a short video about the impact of MNAAP membership -- and find out what MDH Commissioner Ed Ehlinger, MD, MSPH appreciates most about the state's pediatricians. 


Feel free to share on social media and with fellow pediatricians! 


Watch the video

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Save the Dates: March 7 and May 11

Clear your schedule and plan to join other Minnesota pediatricians for two statewide pediatric advocacy and education events in 2018. 


Wednesday, March 7 is Pediatricians' Day at the Capitol. We'll hear directly from MNAAP's lobbyist about what to expect in the 2018 session. We'll also hear from key legislators about important child health issues under consideration and how pediatricians can serve as a valuable resource. Finally, we'll arrange for a 5-10 minute meeting with your own legislators so you can introduce yourself, offer to be a resource, and share key messages about the chapter's child health priorities.


Friday, May 11 is the chapter's Hot Topics in Pediatrics Conference. Join us as we celebrate 85 years of supporting Minnesota pediatricians and advocating on behalf of children, adolescents and teens. Pediatric experts from across the state will speak on a variety of topics. Mingle with trainees and pediatric providers from multiple health systems. Expand your knowledge and network base. 


More details coming soon.  In the meantime, mark your calendars!

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Archived Webinar: Optimizing Care for LGBTQ Patients

Last Tuesday, Dr. Angela Goepferd with Children's MN presented Defying Stigmas and Statistics: Practical Strategies for Optimizing Care for LGBTQ patients. 

The webinar included ideas for creating a safe and welcoming environment as well as strategies for having relaxed and open discussions with LGBTQ youth about their identities as well as screening for potential risk factors. 

Watch now

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New Condition Recommended for Minnesota's Newborn Screening Panel

Recently, the Minnesota Advisory Committee on Heritable and Congenital Disorders recommended to the Commissioner of Health that Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) be added to the state's newborn screening panel.

SMA is the leading genetic cause of death in infants, and a recent FDA-approved treatment has quickened efforts by advocates to add SMA to state newborn screening panels throughout the country. SMA is also being reviewed at the federal level for possible inclusion on the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel.

The Commissioner of Health makes the final decision on inclusion of disorders to Minnesota’s newborn screening panel after a thorough review of the advisory committee’s recommendation and associated scientific, clinical, and public health evidence.  If approved, it is estimated that 14 children per year will be identified with the disorder in Minnesota.









Advice to Policy Makers to Avoid Future Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks

Now that the 2017 measles outbreak is over, many in the state are calling on lawmakers to take steps to avoid future outbreaks. Here are three suggestions from Star Tribune's editorial board: 


1. Eliminate the state's "personal belief" vaccine exemption.

2. Exclude unvaccinated individuals from schools and daycares during outbreaks.

3. Sanction medical providers who spread inaccurate vaccine information.


MNAAP will be discussing Minnesota vaccine policy and other legislative issues for 2018 at its upcoming policy meeting on September 27.  


Read the full article


Give to the Max Day: Nov. 16

Consider making a donation to the Minnesota Academy of Pediatrics Foundation on Give to the Max Day, which is Thursday, November 16! Donations will support various projects and initiatives aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of Minnesota infants, children and adolescents.


Too busy to remember to donate? Beginning November 1, you can pre-schedule your donation to occur on November 16.


All donations are tax deductible. As always, you will receive an immediate email receipt acknowledging your gift.



Congratulations to Minnesota's CATCH Grant Recipients

Over the past 6 years, at least 12 Minnesota pediatricians have received funding to support a community project of their design to improve child health through AAP's CATCH grant. 

This week, AAP announced funding for two teams from Minnesota to continue community outreach and education surrounding vaccines: 


Dr. Nusheen Ameenuddin from Mayo Clinic 

Dr. Eileen Crespo from Hennepin County Medical Center and Pediatric Residents Drs. Stacy Romero Willson and Heidi Moline from the University of Minnesota