Before You Vote: Find Out Where Candidates Stand on Early Childhood Issues


1. Childcare is a vital issue for Minnesota’s economy. Many young families can’t afford the cost of childcare.

Ask your candidate if they favor increasing Child Care Assistance payments for young families from the current 40% to 75% of the cost of childcare.

FACTS: Investment in effective childcare pays a return of $10-$16 per dollar invested over a lifetime, with results showing by kindergarten.              Childcare can cost as much as attending the university! It is simply unaffordable to many young families, especially those with low income or families of color.

2.  Effective childcare  stimulates healthy brain growth and development in infants and toddlers.

Does your candidate have a plan to provide a living wage for childcare educators and assistants so that they  don’t need to seek higher paying jobs to support their own families?

FACTS: Effective childcare requires staff with the background and experience to provide current child nurturing and development.              Frequent turnover in childcare workers disrupts trusting relationships.

3. Early Learning Scholarships move with a child if they change locations or childcare settings. 

Does your candidate have a plan to start these scholarships at 2 months of age when they are needed?

4. The ability to stay at home for 12 weeks after a child is born without losing a paycheck or a job is crucial for healthy bonding, brain growth and development.

Does your candidate support Paid Family and Medical Leave for parents of new babies?

FACT: Early low-stress weeks and months with a parent provide the foundation for a lifelong loving, trusting relationship. Early interaction with a loving adult supports the rapid brain development which leads to further learning  over time.

The Early Childhood Work Group reminds members: when you go to the polls, keep early childhood issues in mind!

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