Word from the President: Eileen Crespo, MD, FAAP


I recently read an article in the New York Times about an account on X (formerly known as Twitter) where a child policy consultant, with a background in early childhood, comments about child development. The account posts videos from public social media accounts with commentary on developmental milestones as well as the fascinating learning that babies and young children are doing every day. From language skills to social connections to the importance of play (instead of screens), the videos highlight what every pediatrician knows-that kids are amazing!

The videos shared in the article are so good in so many ways. Equally important is the commentary about what skills you can nurture or just to recognize your child’s unique ability to learn by curiosity and how much is gained from human-to-human connection.

The videos are such good examples of everyday interactions. Many of them capture the exact moment of realization; the second the child accomplishes the “thing”, whether reciprocal verbalization, overcoming their fear of jumping into water or getting the strawberry piece onto the spoon and into their mouths.

As a bonus, the videos show experiences that don’t require fancy educational toys. Many of the videos are of parents/grandparents/aunties/uncles spending time with a baby or young child talking, singing or reading to them. I’m sure you experience and probably model these strengths for families every day in your offices. The article, X account and accompanying videos remind me, yet again, of the tremendous privilege and joy it is to work with children and their families. The trust and relationships that each of us builds, over many years, is what makes the practice of pediatrics the best.

Watch the video here.

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