Word from the President: Sue Berry, MD


It’s past the Autumnal equinox, and the Minnesota chapter of the AAP has begun its new year. In some ways, it seems ironic to be beginning our newest year just as this particular season is starting with its promise of winter not far behind. I don’t know about you, but somehow the anticipation of winter with its sharpness and acuity sets the tone for us to really take off and do what we can for Minnesota’s children.

It’s also almost time to vote, and no matter what political beliefs you hold, it’s very important that we all speak up and make our voices heard at the ballot box. MNAAP is a highly respected voice for children in the legislature, but the more friendly our representatives are to the needs of children, the more impact we are likely to have. Please consider this when you make your choices, and remember you can’t have an impact at all unless you go vote.

Please also let us know what you think should be our highest priorities for action on behalf of Minnesota’s children over the coming two years. We recently released a member survey, and we’re seeking your ideas and energy. Minnesota is a large chapter in the parlance of the national AAP with a very high number of pediatricians included in membership compared to many states. I like to think that’s because Minnesota pediatricians know that if we put our minds to it, we can accomplish great things. If you haven’t already completed the member survey, take a few minutes to let us know what you’re thinking and how we can work together on behalf of Minnesota’s kids.

It seems likely over the next year there will be important questions that arise that will need answers from us. Medical marijuana has moved forward. E-cigarettes are continuing to be a problem. And I don’t know what may come from the blue to cause us to need to come together to speak out.

As we initiate the process of strategic planning, think of ways our state’s pediatric leaders can work together. And think about how you can make a difference in cooperation with all the rest of us, your colleagues. Our chapter has an outstanding tradition of action and advocacy. Let’s make the coming year a productive, active, and interesting time.

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