Word from the President: Sue Berry, MD, FAAP


SueBerryNo matter how you look at it or what your political beliefs are, this has been a momentous season for the health of children.

The Supreme Court’s affirmation of the rights of families and children to be supported by loving, married parents irrespective of their sexual orientation is a larger reflection of the process we supported as a chapter in Minnesota to affirm those rights for our own citizens. I know not all of our members agreed with that decision, but we as a chapter spoke out to acknowledge that children are better off with committed parents who have legal protections supporting their families.
I don’t think any of us thinks that the Affordable Care Act is perfect, but its implementation allowed millions of Americans, including American children, to have health insurance. While Minnesota was less impacted by the decision to maintain access to health care exchanges (because we had long ago taken steps to improve access to insurance for Minnesotans) the overall effect has been to improve access to health care. I think all of us know that for the children we serve, this is an essential aspect for their well-being.

Our chapter is continuing to actively support and pursue projects to seek reduction in health disparities, reduce the impacts of poverty, and reduce risks to children through non-accidental injury. I hope as you can, you will work with us, your colleagues, to advance these endeavors.

On a personal note, many of you know that I am relatively recently a grandparent. So, an update: My granddaughter Caroline is now nearly 10 months old. She reminds me at every opportunity of why what we do is so important. Every time I think of the work we do, I think of her sweet little face and remember why I became a pediatrician (and mom) in the first place.

I look forward to  continuing to work with such an amazing group of committed professionals!

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