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Save the Date: 4th Annual Twin Cities Pediatrics Update and MNAAP Annual Meeting

Thursday, Sept. 15 – Friday, Sept. 16, 2022

Interested in exhibiting at the Twin Cities Pediatric Update?

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting to participants of the 4th Annual Twin Cities Pediatrics Update, hosted by Children’s Minnesota, the Minnesota Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (MNAAP), and the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

Please complete this form to indicate your interest in reserving a space in MNAAP’s Clinic and Community Resource Gallery. Your reservation will be confirmed via email and will be considered completed when MNAAP has received payment from your organization.

Preference is given to community nonprofits and organizations providing clinical services. Not all exhibitors will be approved by MNAAP.





Year Distinguished Service Award Winner
2021 Dawn Martin, MD, FAAP
2020 Marjorie Hogan, MD, FAAP
2019 Elsa Keeler, MD, MPH, FAAP
2018 Linda Thompson, MD
2017 Lydia Caros, MD
2016 Marilyn Peitso, MD
2015 Chuck Oberg, MD, FAAP
2014 Daniel Broughton, MD, FAAP
2013 Thomas Scott, MD, FAAP
2012 Michael Severson, MD, FAAP
2011 Edmund Burke, MD
2010 Blanton Bessinger, MD, MBA
2009 Ted Thompson, M.D.
2008 Amos Deinard, MD, MPH
2007 Michael A. Bronson, MD
2006 Gerald Gilchrist, MD
2005 Richard Raile, MD
2004 James H. Moller, MD
2003 Henry Staub, MD,FAAP
2002 James Moore, MD, FAAP
2001 G. Scott Giebink, MD, FAAP
2000 Lowell Barr, MD, FAAP
1999 Gunnar Stickler, MD, PhD
1998 Jack Harkness, MD
1997 Russ Lucas, MD and Mildred Norvall, MD
1996 James Moller, MD
1995 Arnold S. Anderson
1994 Henry Staub, MD
1993 Paul Quie, MD
1992 Betty Jerome, MD- first award


Year Child Advocacy Award Winner
2021 Emily Borman-Shoap, MD, FAAP and Karen Ernst
2020 Tom Scott. MD, FAAP
2019 Rep. Mike Freiberg
2017 Anne Edwards, MD
2016 Carolyn Allshouse and Lynne Burke
2015 Art Rolnick, PhD
2013 Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand, LLP
2012 Edward Ehlinger, MD, MSPH
2011 Glenace Edwall, PhD, PsyD, LP, MPP
2010 John Hurley, MHA
2009 Brynn Duncan and Family
2008 Minneapolis Crisis Nursery
2007 Paula Goldberg, Marge Goldberg
2006 Marianne Keuhn
2005 Charles Oberg, MD
2004 Sen. Becky Lourey
2003 Forrest Blanton Bessinger, MD,FAAP
2002 James Koppel
2001 Daniel Broughton, MD, FAAP
2000 Senator Pat Piper
1999 Susan Carlson
1998 Peggy Spector
1995 Patty Wetterling & Clark Hassey
1994 Mary Azzahir


Year Special Awards
2019 AAP Special Achievement Award: Nathan Chomilo, MD, FAAP, for his commitment to early childhood, early literacy and health equity through his involvement in various organizations and committees.
2019 AAP Special Achievement Award: Janna Gewirtz-O’Brien, MD, FAAP, for her advocacy on behalf of homeless youth and to increase inpatient access to Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC).
2019 AAP Special Achievement Award: Andrew Kiragu, MD, FAAP, for his advocacy to reduce intentional and unintentional injuries and deaths due to firearms.
2018 AAP Special Achievement Award: Valeria Cristiani, MD, FAAP, for her drive to start a school-based health clinic at the Rochester Alternative Learning Center. She is a passionate voice for teens.
2018 AAP Special Achievement Award: Angela Goepferd, MD, FAAP, for her leadership in professional training and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth in Minnesota.
2018 AAP’s Large Chapter of the Year Award Presented to MNAAP (for accomplishments in 2017)
2017 AAP Holryod-Sherry Award: Dr. Dan Broughton
2017 AAP Murray Davidson Award: Dr. Sarah Jane Schwarzenberg
2017 AAP Special Achievement Award: Rhamy Magid, MD, FAAP, for his leadership in Minnesota pediatric LGBTQ primary care services and training.
2017 AAP Special Achievement Award: Timothy Zager, MD, FAAP, provided leadership in greater Minnesota by teaching family physician residents about pediatrics, creating community partnerships and clinic/health system leadership.
2016 AAP Special Achievement Award: Minnesota Chapter, for it Health Disparities/Poverty Work Group and their work combating racism and poverty in partnership with Minnesota participating pediatric and family practice clinics.
2016 AAP Special Achievement Award: Robert Jacobson, MD, FAAP, for his work promoting pediatric immunizations, training clinicians to respond to vaccine hesitancy, and his public education efforts.
2016 AAP Special Achievement Award: Nathan Chomilo, MD, FAAP, who has expanded statewide outreach for the Reach Out and Read program and increased public education on its benefits.
2015 Partners in Advocacy Award: Brandon Stahl
2015 AAP Special Achievement Award: Minnesota Chapter, for its Child Abuse/Maltreatment Work Group and their tenacious advocacy to educate, identify and reduce child abuse and maltreatment in Minnesota including advocacy for 2015 state legislation and funding to support local and state child abuse/maltreatment reporting and follow-up.
2015 AAP Special Achievement Award: Chuck Oberg, MD, MPH, FAAP, for his leadership in Minnesota, the AAP District VI and internationally.  He just completed his term as the AAP District Vice Chairperson.
2015 AAP Special Achievement Award: Diana Cutts, MD, FAAP, for her leadership in addressing hunger/nutrition. She initiated a food shelf at a large urban pediatric clinic and is piloting a pediatric primary care clinic partnership with SNAP-ed (Food Stamps education) to provide not only integrated screening for food insecurity, but also additional resources/interventions for her families living in poverty.
2014 AAP Special Achievement Award: Larry Eisinger, MD of Fergus Falls for advocacy of rural pediatric care.
2014 AAP Special Achievement Award: Ted Jewett, MD for leadership as a the Minnesota PROS liaison for 10 years.
2014 AAP’s Large Chapter of the Year Award Presented to MNAAP (for accomplishments in 2013)
Representative Kim Norton Receives the 2014 Child Advocate Legislator of the Year Award
Korissa Olson, Stacey Nugent and Paula and Andrea Bastian Receive the 2014 Newborn Screening Parent Advocate Award
AAP Special Achievement Award: Brian Lynch, MD, for his work as CATCH liaison for Minnesota
AAP Special Achievement Award: Tom Scott, MD, for his work in advancing bullying prevention legislation and the Marriage Equity amendment
2013 Senator John Marty Receives 2013 Child Advocate Legislator of the Year Award
AAP Special Achievement Award: Gordy Harvieux, MD of Duluth for leadership in implementing health care home in Minnesota.
AAP Special Achievement Award: Andrew Olson, MD of Minneapolis for leadership in implementing a medical student and resident abstract competition at the chapter level.
2012 AAP Special Achievement Award: Nancy Monaghan-Beery, MD of Duluth for her work in coordinating the Duluth Harvest Run, a run/walk, to raise awareness of childhood obesity.
AAP Special Achievement Award: Susan Berry, MD of Minneapolis for her work in coordinating the Minnesota newborn screening advocacy collaboration with professional and national parent groups.
AAP Special Achievement Award: Weining Hu, MD, and David Tilstra, MD of St. Cloud for their work with BLEND.
2010 AAP’s Large Chapter of the Year Award presented to MN-AAP (for accomplishments in 2009)
2008 AAP Award to Anne Edwards, MD, president, for leadership in overcoming unforeseen obstacles and successfully moving the chapter forward
2009 Special Achievement Award to Gordy Harvieux, M.D.
AAP Award to MN-AAP for its medical home program
AAP Award to Jeff Schiff, MD, for his efforts to advance medical home
2007 Special Service for Children Award to Representative Thomas Huntley
2001 Holroyd-Sherry Award to Marjorie Hogan, MD, FAAP
1997 National Academy’s Musical Education Award to Gunner Stickler, MD
1983 AAP Award to MN-AAP Safety Committee for Child Safety Restraint Awareness
1982 MN-AAP Public Service Achievement Award to Sen. Dave Durenberger
1963 MN-AAP Award to Harold Flanagan, MD, upon his election to AAP president
1956 MN-AAP Award to Dr. Huenekes


Each year MNAAP recognizes those who are leading or involved in significant efforts to protect the health of Minnesota’s children. Award winners are recognized at MNAAP’s annual meeting.

Distinguished Service Award

Each year MNAAP recognizes a pediatrician for his or her outstanding efforts that contribute to the improvement of child health care. This is really the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for the pediatrician who has dedicated his or her life to improving care for children throughout the state of Minnesota.

Nomination Form: Distinguished Service Award»

Child Advocacy Award

In addition, MNAAP chooses an individual from the community who goes above and beyond his or her everyday routine to advocate for the health and welfare of children in Minnesota.

Nomination Form: Child Advocacy Award»

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